apidays Jakarta 2021

Digitisation, Connected Services and Embedded Finance

Apidays Jakarta was held online on 24 February 2021. The conference gathered 40 speakers and over 1,000 attendees to share and learn about Accelerating Digitisation.

Highlights from apidays Jakarta 2021

The conference theme:

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed Indonesian companies to accelerate their adoption of digital tools and business models. Across retail, healthcare, financial services and logistics, connectivity enables companies to continue to serve customers. The enthusiasm of consumers and merchants for marketplaces and digital payments is building a new normal for e-commerce.

According to McKinsey research, Indonesia has the potential to increase its economic productivity through digitization by US$121 billion by 2025*.

*Source: “RI should digitalize in pandemic’s wake”, Jakarta Post, 23 October 2020

The key to plugging into the digital ecosystem is APIs. Apidays LIVE Jakarta 2021 brings together top local and international experts to share how to assemble the tools, people and processes to link your customers, partners, supply chain and core capabilities.


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About apidays

Apiays is the leading industry tech and business series of conferences in APIs and the programmable economy.

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About the Author

Jon Scheele is the founder of blue connector local partner of apidays, and the producer of apidays Jakarta.

Jon formed blue connector with the sole purpose of leveraging digital technologies such as APIs to fast track and enable growing businesses to meet their strategic objectives. He helps companies build customer value propositions and streamline processes using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Jon's experience spans the Financial Services, Fintech, and Telecommunications industries. He has an MBA, a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering, and Graduate Diplomas in Applied Finance and Digital Communications.