Technology as a Service

We harness technology to achieve your strategy

All our consultants are experts in helping businesses harness technology to bring their strategy to fruition. We listen and design bespoke solutions to fit your business needs. APIs is one of our specialties. We assist businesses use APIs in a safe and effective manner so the business runs smoothly and vertical and horizontal integration is effortless.

Digitising – Every company is now a digital company. Companies are leveraging digital technology and data more and more to help connect with their customers, partners, staff and suppliers. We work with businesses to make digitising efficient and get the most out of technology so that companies can serve customers and scale their business fast and efficiently.

Partner Ecosystem – a great way to extend your reach and leverage partner capabilities. We assist businesses to build and enhance partner strategy, identify and onboard partners, build win-win partnerships, sustain and grow your partner ecosystem.

Training – An organisation is only as good as it’s people. We help companies build their team’s ability to leverage technology for business success. Developing digital strategy, API strategy and governance, digital business processes and process improvement, deriving valuable customer insights from data, building data capability, securing the company’s digital assets is what we train your staff in upskilling.

End-to-end digital offering – We can help enhance your technical capabilities. * Identify digital solutions to integrate with your partners. * Engage and conduct partner workshops to identify win-win opportunities. * Size the market. * Define your needed integration architecture and capabilities. * Develop a capability roadmap to build the resources, processes and technology to implement your strategy.

Community – we are experts at organising large and small workshops, meetups, multi-day conferences in both online and in-person formats. We design the programme, content, speakers, and manage the marketing and logistics to attract, engage and inspire your community.

Recruiting – We recognise people are your greatest assets. We help match the right skill sets tailored to your needs. We understand technology and skills required and we listen to help catapult you forward and set you on your way to success.

Leverage technology to achieve your goals

Technology is now a key component of every profession. We build your team's capability to apply it to have the most impact on your business.

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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
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We are here to serve you

Here are just some of the services we offer. Contact us to discuss your need in more detail.



Your technology strategy to achieve your business vision.

  • Digitise your business
  • Improve customer service
  • Expand distribution channels Leverage your technology assets
  • Streamline internal workflows



Build your team’s ability to leverage technology

  • Leverage data to gain customer insights, personalise services
  • Streamline processes with APIs, RPA
  • Digital processes and workflow

Tech Stack


Build your digital assets

  • Establish your technology architecture
  • Integrate with customers, partners and suppliers
  • Build your technology stack Assemble and train your team